Give and take – The relationship between businesses, employees and customers

Every business is running on the principle of give and take like you give money to your supplier and they will provide you raw material, then you give products to your customer and they give money to you and you give pay to your employees and they will provide their services to your company. If any of these integral parts of a company will stop giving or taking then the business will not run smoothly or do not run at all. You can use the methods of company formation in Abu Dhabi and then you will get to know about many things that help you in running your business. There are different rules in different countries and you have to see the mainland company formation in Dubai and then it will help you a lot. Here you will see about how to give and to whom you have to give value for the benefit of your business:
Employees are the main part of your business and you have to give good value to them so that they will feel important and then be loyal to your company always. When you take care of their needs then they will be happy to work with you and will never think about leaving your company and you need to make them take part in decision making a bit or you have to take their ideas while starting a new launch of your company and they will be happy with that.
Customers are the main part of selling your products and if there are no customers then your products will not be sold and you will go in to the loss and you have to stoop working. In order to give value to your customers you have to provide then good after sale services and your employees should have talk to them in a professional manner and listen to their complains humbly without getting hyper or angry.
Suppliers are also very important in the manufacturing business and you have to choose your supplier carefully and see that they will provide you genuine and good quality material otherwise you will not be able to manufacture good quality product. You have to set a good relation with them and give their payments on time so they will provide you raw material without giving you any trouble.

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