How to apply for LLC

It is not a complicated procedure to apply for the LLC. The process for the applying of LLC based on the state in which you want to form your company. LLC Company registration in Dubai is very easy. So the company formation Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the best options for your LLC Company. Here are the few steps to apply for the LLC.
Choose a name for your company: The first step in making a LLC Company is to think and choose a name for your business. It will help you in the marketing of your company. The business name should be unique which can attract the customers towards it. There can be some legal considerations if you want to build your own brand.
Check the availability of your business name: When you have selected a business for company then you have to ensure that no other company has this name in your state because the identity of your business must be unique.
Register the company name: Most of the LLC Companies operated under the business name. But if you want to run your company with another name, you can register it as a trade name for your company.
File your LLC’s articles of organization: When you decide to form a LLC Company, it is necessary for you to submit or file the articles of your organization. The term articles of organization can vary from state to state which means the certification of your company. You can get an online form which can be downloaded and after filling that form you can submit it to the state agency for the registration of your company. The form is basically single page on which you have to fill your personal and company related information which must authentic.
Draft and operating agreement: In most of states, it is not required to prepare a draft of operating agreement. But, if you will prepare the draft of operating agreement of the company, it will be easy for you to understand the internal matters of the company and the decisions which must be taken.
Obtain business permit and license: After registering the LLC Company, it is essential to get the license and permits from the state or local government to operate your company.
Bank account: You have to open a separate bank account for your LLC Company’s official use.

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