How to find the best PRO services

The operation of a UAE company requires a number of government mandated protocols to be adhered to. UAE offers best pro services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on behalf of you at Vertex Global Consultants. Also for a company set up Abu Dhabi helps you focus on what is critical–the growth of your business and staff and management of your daily work.

Make sure the reports and requests are handled quickly and efficiently with qualified PRO services from one of Dubai’s leading PRO firms, Abu Dhabi and UAE, Vertex Global Consultants.

Vertex Global Consultants houses a team of professional PRO practitioners dedicated to providing customers across the UAE with a wide array of PRO solutions. We can provide a personalized service package, whether your company is based in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai, that meets your business needs quickly. It includes our range of services:

  • Document verification and approval
  • Verification Records / Requirements for the Chamber of Commerce or Foreign Affairs
  • Official documents Arabic language translation
  • Export permit processing (requests and renewals)
  • International export applicant registration
  • Medical Registration
  • Visas processing (requests, cancelations and renewals)

Every account is assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure that we provide the best PRO services in Dubai to the customers. The aim of each account is to concentrate on the customers ‘ needs and deliver them in due time. It allows us to prevent additional costs from accumulating while simultaneously providing faster PRO services. Most significantly, clients will provide regular progress updates and their peace of mind with a dedicated point of contact.

Whether you have an urgent need, a one-time requirement processing or a long-term relationship for all your current and future requirements, Vertex Global offers your business a fast, cost efficient and reliable PRO solution.

The PRO solutions provide specialist corporate services such as establishing corporate bank accounts, contacting authorities, company setup at UAE (LLC Company, Freezone Company, etc.), clearance of firms, certifications and liquidation of companies, among other qualified PRO services.

PRO facilities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are customized to your needs and you don’t need to negotiate your own legal requirements, to stand in line and wait for your turn to file paperwork, or to contact various agencies to facilitate your company’s and staff’s papers.

PRO services do everything possible to help you focus on your business and customers.

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