Qualities of the best PRO services

Each business within the Abu Dhabi needs the services of an official of government liaison or PRO. PRO services in Abu Dhabi include all government documents and documentation processing operations such as visa applications, labor cards and business license documents and approvals. PRO Partner Group offers a range of PRO services to Dubai and Abu Dhabi as one of the leading providers of business training and support, providing individuals and businesses with a reliable, cost-effective solution.

It is easy to own a business set up in Abu Dhabi. As a corporation, PRO Partner Group will work on behalf of companies and their employer as Government Liaison Officer (PRO).

PRO Programs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi requirements are most commonly:-—

  • Visas for citizens and workers
  • Jobs and Immigration Cards
  • Labor quota requests
  • Visas for shareholders
  • Visa for families
  • CICPA (Company and Business Card)
  • Annual License and Reviews
  • Licenses for trade transfers
  • Regulatory authorization and NOC letters
  • Renewals and reviews
  • Changes to trades licenses

First of all, all companies and employees have legal requirements for many activities that constitute PRO services. Ensuring fair and prompt management of the systems reduces the risk of excessive fines or similar negative impacts for the business. Although these actions do not take place, they may also have a negative effect on several factors other than the company, despite the clear legal consequences. Each worker, for example, has to obtain a Resident Visa and Work Authority, to open up a bank account, sign a residential contract, link to utilities, for example, and to obtain an Emirates ID, in order to work legally in the UAE.

Interface Services is well acquainted with the processes and laws needed for all the PRO products with the active establishment of over 300 companies, branches and representative offices in the Middle East. If anything, this particular company has built strong relationships with trusted partners, public bodies and practitioners through their extensive experience in the UAE.

Interface Services is known to offer a tailored PRO service approach to the specific needs of your client. Many companies, especially foreign investors unfamiliar with the region, can have a difficult job processing government documents. The service of this particular business makes this easier and quicker.

In order to help international companies with seamless government communication services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and across the UAE, this particular company has a highly experienced group of fluent Arabic speakers on the ground. Our administrative support team will also ensure good customer information, reporting and continuous monitoring of processes and documents.

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