Kheerganga Trek: Beginners Guide


Kasol is consistently renowned among hikers. As this spot offers the best of the traveling trails and some are joined by the shining Parvati River amidst the Parvati Valley. This merry village is a heaven for sightseers. This spot encounters various Israeli pilgrims which lead it to be designated “Small Israel of India”. With regards to the traveling experience at Parvati Valley, Kheerganga Trek consistently beat the rundown with its perfect and crude nature. The journey is loaded up with sparkling cascades, twirling waterways and verdant timberlands lined with snow clad mountains everywhere. This journey is a finished bundle of experience with the faltering traveling trail. The Malana Village, The Tosh Village, natural aquifers of Manikaran and Parvati waterway give an all encompassing perspective to this extreme location for an ideal excursion.

What to See?

Kheerganga trek is all about experiencing and witnessing the alluring scenic views of Kasol. The mesmerizing sunset view will be a breath-taking one. As you will watch the sky changing its colour from light orange, to red and purple and it just forms a kaleidoscope in the sky. Kheerganga will serve you the best sunset of your life. Not only this but night camping during this trek is something that will win your heart all at once. As you will reach the pinnacle at an altitude of around 3000 meters the clear sky at night is worth stargazing and when you sleep under the glittering sky it will be the best night on the trek. When you come across spring water you will just force yourself to dive into the pristine water that is also used for drinking purposes. Trekking is something which is famous among backpackers. There are two paths on which one can walk through Rudra Nag and Nakhtan it begins from Barshaini. Here you can capture the beguiling nature which will make you realise the trek is worth shredding sweat and the mesmerizing will absorb every bit of tiredness from your body. In Parvati Valley you will witness the different culture and will come across hippies travelling all around from the world and numerous Israeli settlers. 

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There are few small settlements around the kheerganga trek which are worth visiting. Some of them are: 

  • Sulphur spring:
    This hot water spring is something which should be visited by one going on the Kheerganga Trek, as this hot water spring is something which is known for its medicinal properties as it can be used for the treatment of skin and cure the disorder. People usually take a dive at this hot water spring.
  • Manikaran Gurudwara:
    It is believed to be one of the most sacred places for Hindus and Sikhs. As this place consists of a few temples of hindu deities beside the gurdwara. It is located at a distance of 6 kilometers from Kasol. This spiritual spot sits between the striking hills and the graceful flowing Beas river.
  • Tosh:
    If you are a party animal and want to enjoy the culture of hippies party then this place will be a staggering experience for you situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from Barshaini. It is known for its EDM parties and a few cafes with eerie interiors. Pink Floyd cafe is one of the most famous cafes known for its hippy aura. Jamdagni Rishi Temple is something which can be witnessed during the months of January and February. 
  • Kasol:
    “Mini Israel of India ” this is what it is called by the people due to several Israeli settlers. Kasol is something which hosts many small trails for the backpackers and rock climbing activities. It is known for a famous village of Malana, several cafes, gleaming Parvati river and Kasol bridge.

Food and Stay at Kheerganga

This place is something that will not serve you with luxury but with the beautiful experience of staying in small cottages and hostels. You can also sleep on the hilltop in ashrams which were made by the monks. If you are looking for something more than the facilities of homestays in Tosh, Kalga and Barshaini will be cheap and comfortable. Pink Floyd, Hill Top, Snow View and Blue Diamond are some of the famous cafes which will be providing the most facilities with the trippy ambience. If you are gonna stay in Kheerganga then here you will get to taste the best of the Chinese, German, and Israeli cuisine in the open cafes. The flavourful food, pristine beauty and staggering trekking trail is all you want to experience then Kheerganga will be a perfect pick for you. 

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