Dental cap treatment – what does it do?

A dental cap treatment is also known as a dental crown. Both terms basically refer to a standard and useful procedure which is helpful in restoring a damaged tooth which has been weakened by tooth loss, decay or trauma. The main reason that they’re referred to as caps is because they’re placed above the surface of existing healthy teeth to give a more solid covering like a solid cap. Since the caps are actually placed on top of the remaining teeth, it’s also referred to as a veneer.

Dental crowns or caps are often recommended when there are several missing teeth in a row. This is often due to the gum disease called Gingivitis. This type of condition can weaken the tooth as well as the supporting bone surrounding it, causing the tooth to shift out of alignment. In this situation, a dental crown may strengthen the tooth and keep it in its proper place. The crown then covers the gap caused by the weakened tooth.

Dental crowns aren’t normally a common treatment as they’re too expensive. However, if you’re suffering from a serious gum disease or if your tooth isn’t healing correctly, a dental cap may be the perfect solution. It covers up the gaps in your teeth and also protects them from further damage. There are several different types of caps, each made from different materials.

Dental ceramic is one such material used. This is a solid plastic that’s applied directly to the tooth and then shaped afterwards. You then cover up the whole surface with a veneer. This type of cap isn’t very common and the ones that are available are quite plain looking. You may also find them in dark colours. They may also be more expensive than other caps, but they do offer a high level of treatment satisfaction.

Titanium dental caps or veneers Abu Dhabi are another option. These are just like ceramic ones, but they’re made out of titanium. The only major difference is that titanium doesn’t react to heat like ceramic does. Instead of covering up gaps in your tooth, they form a protective layer instead. Because they’re more expensive than most caps, you might want to think about getting a dental cap made with a gold-toned finish

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